Climb Every Mountain

It’s March and the snow hasn’t really given much thought to melting yet. The banks are still as high as an elephant’s eye.

One might think that February’s record-breaking cold weather would deter a 3-year old mountain climber from scaling every single *insert expletive of choice* snow bank on the way from the car to the school and back again. One would be wrong.IMG_20150302_152636

When I was small, my grandmother would take us to the giant piles of snow in the grocery store parking lots so we could climb up and slide down over and over. Thank you for your patience, Grandma!

Snow does make for a fabulously flexible and diverse landscape for play, doesn’t it? When I’m at the schoolyard, I find it fascinating how the piles of snow seem to morph over time, subject to countless games of king of the castle, fortress building, and tunnel digging as well as continuous additions and subtractions due to adult maintenance and weather.

Every year, the snow tells a different story.

Despite my appreciation for this ever-changing playground, I find myself increasingly frustrated, as I rescue my little stuck mountain climber from a huge pile of ice and snow for the umpteenth time on our 100m walk.

Patience Mommy… spring is around the corner.

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