The Butterfly Conservatory: A place to go at 30 below.

IMG_20131107_102207When you pass through the door, the warm humid air envelops you like a hug. Then, you smell …. yes, the unmistakable smell of “green.” A giant, sapphire blue butterfly swoops past your shoulder and lands on a red hibiscus flower. You hear gently splashing water, and as you seek out the source, you stop to let a small yellow bird hop across your path into the lush garden of tropical plants.

Do you live near a butterfly conservatory? When the thermometer dips below “freeze the toes off a polar bear,” this is the place to be.

It’s wonderful for kids and adults of IMG_20131107_101710all ages. There are no lineups, no dangers, and few places to hide from mom and dad. We got a membership, so both of my kids spent plenty of time learning to walk (and run) there. They loop around the pathways, delighting at the swooping butterflies and birds, and excitedly pointing out each one they find (though they are everywhere). There are plenty of benches.

Friendly staff members are eager to introduce some of the other creatures inhabiting the conservatory, from birds to giant snails to intimidating insects. They also have many programs, and in a couple of weeks, we will venture over there again to taste some delicacies for “BugFeast.”

IMG_20130806_144212 I never get tired of going to the conservatory.  I find it particularly helps us get through the dark and dingy, cold and cranky days of February and March. I miss my garden.

The conservatory also does important work for butterfly (and other insect) conservation.

(Also, my sons find their coin-spinning fundraising bucket particularly entertaining.)

Here’s one location.

I hope you can visit one too.

(Note:  they didn’t hire me to write this).

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2 Responses to The Butterfly Conservatory: A place to go at 30 below.

  1. natasha says:

    Despite my dislike of all things with more than 4 legs – this makes me want to check it out. Sounds like a great place to spend a cold winter day 😀

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