The Song of the Boot

It’s been cold lately. Not sure if you’ve noticed. Our school board already cancelled one day of school for -35oC weather, and it looks like they might do it again tomorrow.

Last week, my 3 year old son and I sledwere trudging through the snow from the car to the school to pick up big brother (I am NOT pulling a sled for 20 minutes each way, and waiting another 15 in -35oC. To heck with principles!). I was rushing us along, trying to find respite from the wind. Then, from my little 3-foot bundle of scarf, hat and snowsuit, I hear the muffled words:

 “My boots are singing a song!”

Remember when you used to notice the squeaking, crunching noise that comes from your boots on the snow on very cold days? Remember how neat that sounded?

What a great reminder!

Another excellent lesson in mindfulness from one of my most important teachers.

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