The Battle of the Sexes

We wondered when it would happen. It hadn’t been a problem up until now, but it had to happen one day….

As I have mentioned before, we live on a friendly street and have many good friends here. Our children have grown up together. Some of my son’s best friends, as a result of this arrangement, happen to be girls. This past weekend, one of the girls rang our doorbell and asked him to come and play. He happily skipped out the door and ran to her driveway, only to find that they were playing with …Gasp! …Oh no! Dolls!

Now, as a side note, we don’t believe in “boy toys” and “girl toys.” We never labelled these things, and encourage our children in (almost) anything they choose. But, there are cultural norms that we simply have no control over. That said, I never really played with dolls either (although I am female). I always found Cabbage Patch kids and Barbies equally repulsive.

So, back to the story…. my son, understandably, was at a loss when he arrived at the house. After a few minutes of awkwardly hanging around while the girls brushed hair and changed outfits, he sadly turned around and went home. He returned with a ball and some scoops, hoping to coax at least one of them into a game of catch. No luck. This time, he returned to our house in tears.

DSC00252Then, with a stroke of what I can only call parenting genius, my husband came up with a plan. He loaded up a wagon with scraps of wood and sent him back down the street. He said…”go build those girls a dollhouse.” Our little guy arrived with the wood, and the girls cheered! The dolls were promptly dropped and all of the kids worked on building structures together.

Give that man a medal! He may have missed his calling as a mediator!



That wood has since been requested for other driveways for similar purposes. Wonderful!


This also brings to mind adventure playgrounds and the theory of loose parts. Check these out if you’re interested:

AND, if you live in my area, look what’s coming:

Sounds like fun, right?

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4 Responses to The Battle of the Sexes

  1. janem12 says:

    Wonderful! My daughters’ Barbies went on adventures with the Barbie car (and also accidents into the walls) which he would have found fun. And Ken and Barbie often switched heads. Great post.

  2. That truly was a genius act of parenting. Seriously. Bravo!

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