Into the West

“Lay down
Your sweet and weary head
Night is falling
You’ve come to journey’s end”

         – Annie Lennox (Lord of the Rings Soundtrack)

This is Frodo.

    DSC01000 DSC00228

He was named Frodo because of my affinity for Tolkein’s works, but he lived up to his name with his adventurous spirit and tenacity.


He was trouble from the beginning, but we loved him to pieces. He could leap tall furniture in a single bound and open drawkittenupcloseers and jewelry boxes with finger-like dexterity. He had an obsession with elastic bands, and would go to remarkable lengths to retrieve them. He also loved to fit himself into the smallest boxes he could find. Once he got over his clumsy kitten phase, he was very graceful and he had the softest coat and the most stunning eyes I have ever seen. Look at this:


Frodo was intensely affectionate and playful and would befriend anyone with a willing lap. He put up with my two little ones and their early tail-pulling experiments, and eventually formed quite a strong bond with our youngest.


While Frodo was an indoor cat, he spent a great deal of time trying to prove he was meant to be otherwise. One time, he got out and spent three days missing, until someone from a neighbouring street saw our posters. A guest’s arrival at our house was always accompanied by our frantic shouts of “CAT! The cat’s coming!! Close the door!” Leaving or entering the house usually meant squeezing through the narrowly opened door while holding him back with one foot (and still often ended with us chasing him down and pulling him from under a bush).

I believe that pets are wonderful teachers for children and adults alike. They teach responsibility, gentleness, compassion, friendship, patience and the importance of caring for those who are smaller and less able than we are. They can also serve as an important symbol of the interconnectedness and similarities between all creatures on earth. Frodo helped teach me tDSC00270hese things.

While we are on the topic of cats, I’d like to link you to Data’s “Ode to Spot” from Star Trek TNG. It’s brilliant: (I would love to post it directly, but I don’t own the rights).

But I digress ….

Two days ago, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Frodo, and my heart broke. It will be a long time before I can open a door without looking around first, or leave a hair elastic on a counter. I keep thinking I see him out of the corner of my eye, and my heart sinks once again when I realize it’s not him.

I didn’t think a few more cat pictures would break the internet, and I wanted to share his story with you. So, I hope you don’t mind if it was a little off-topic and sentimental.

Frodo was my constant companion and friend for ten years. I lost him too soon, but he will never be forgotten.

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4 Responses to Into the West

  1. hgaloska says:

    The Star Trek episode with ‘Ode to Spot’ was on yesterday. I thought of you and Frodo 🙂

  2. The outstanding wife says:

    What a beautiful cat. So sorry for your loss.

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