100th Postiversary!

Hello Readers,

WordPress tells me that this will be my 100th post!

I have really been enjoying writing this blog and, as a result, connecting with some very interesting people. This project has also forced me to look closely at my own family life and change some of my habits.

I decided to take this opportunity to look back at the last 99 posts, and link here to the most popular ones, just for fun. If you’ve been with me since the beginning, thank you for sticking around! If you’re just joining me, welcome, and I hope you’ll take this opportunity to look around.

So, without further ado, here are the ten most popular posts, according to WordPress statistics:


Kate’s Place for Everyone: An Accessible Playground

Bad Things Come in Big Packages: The Real Costs of Costco

Trees vs. Toys

A Little Free Library: Open for Business

The Fairy Doors of Central Frederick

10 Ways that Sesame Street Demonstrates Community

The Mud Kitchen

Embracing Our Inner Squirrels

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Public Art

Secret Gardens to Truffula Trees: Nature in Children’s Literature


I hope you will continue to follow my blog, and see what the next 100 posts will bring.

May you always find acorns in your pockets and pine needles in your shoes!


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2 Responses to 100th Postiversary!

  1. The City Hippie says:

    Congratulations!! This reminds me of my experiences and celebration of 100 posts! So happy you have found a spot of goodness in life!!

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