Troll Fingers

When we go walking in the woods, we always ask the kids to go across any bridges first to check for trolls. Self-sacrificing children that they are, they have never questioned this request. Fortunately, they haven’t found any so far. If they do, I may be forced to question my parenting skills.


Despite the apparent dearth of trolls under our local bridges, the children always have their eyes open for fairies, trolls or other evidence of magical beings.

One day, our eldest called us over.

“There’s someone under this stump!” he yelled.

This is what we saw:









Clearly, these are troll fingers. Is there really any question?

We have other theories about what these might be, but sometimes, the simplest explanation is the most interesting.

We went back the next week, and the whole stump, the fingers, and any evidence of trolls was gone, and replaced by a pile of dirt.

Magic is fleeting.



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