Dancing in the Rain

Yesterday, as I drove the kids home from a visit with my sister, the rain started.

We watched it gradually change from “Oh good, now I won’t have to water the garden” to “I’d better check to make sure the sump pump is working” to “Is this one of the severe weather events the climate change experts are talking about?”

What was my first reaction?

“Ok, kids, let’s stay in the car for a minute until the rain lets up a little.”

That changed to “Ok, it’s not letting up, let’s make a run for it.”

And then ….

What the heck am I doing? What kind of example am I setting? I’m a mother of two little boys, we have nowhere to be and I have a blog on getting children into the outdoors!rain-ben.jpg

We grabbed our jackets (not much point in doing that, as it turned out), and rain boots (which just filled with water anyway), and ran out onto the street. We splashed up and down the road in rushing rivers of water. We watched waterfalls pouring into grates. We found the biggest puddles and made giant waves. The water was warm, and we were soaked head to toe. When we got back, we poured out boots, rang out socks and hung our clothing up.

We couldn’t have been happier.


I read this somewhere:

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Also, I don’t need to water the garden.


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