How NOT to teach Environmental Education

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Today, I have put together a list of the best ways to avoid teaching effective environmental education.

I thought I would share it with you.

  1. Keep the kids in their seats. They will just get distracted otherwise. Children must be seen and not heard and lecturing is the traditional way of teaching.
  2. Focus exclusively on the negative. We adults are afraid of climate change, resource depletion, species extinction, pollution, etc. Why shouldn’t our children be?
  3. Don’t let children get dirty. Parents pay a lot of money for clothing. We can’t let the kids get grass stains.
  4. Only teach students about distant places and abstract concepts. Why teach about the places and natural world they live in and know about already?
  5. Cut down the trees and pave the playground. Trees and bushes can hide troublemakers. A big black tarmac is the most easily monitored surface as it provides maximum contrast with children’s clothing.
  6. Teach Environmental Studies as a unique subject. This way, students will understand that the environment isn’t related to art, science, geography, history or politics.
  7. By all means, take another trip to the dump … (I mean waste management facility). I know my son is looking forward to this a third year in a row. Thank goodness they haven’t gone to a local conservation area at all yet. We all know kids don’t like those. Just take a look at this Toys R Us commercial for proof (my blog post about Toys R Us commercial).
  8. Turn “caring about the environment” into a chore. Everyone knows that “Earth Day” is “pick up litter” day.
  9. All physical education classes should take place in gymnasiums or on manicured grass. Organized team sports are the only way to physical fitness.
  10. Eliminate recess. Students are preparing for a very competitive world, and we must spend adequate time to help them increase test scores and stop wasting time on games and free play.







On the other hand, if you take kids into nature, let them climb trees and get dirty, teach them to love their local environment, build natural playgrounds, integrate the environment into the whole curriculum, take field trips to beautiful natural places and make visiting nature an adventure and a regular part of life rather than a chore …

… then you just might be teaching environmental education.

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2 Responses to How NOT to teach Environmental Education

  1. darwinsbulldog says:

    And don’t play with sticks! Someone’s eye will get poked out….

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