Looking Up

Just before Christmas, a giant ice storm coated our region. Every outdoor surface was coated in ice, and the weight pulled down countless branches and power lines. Toronto was hit particularly badly. Luckily, my neighbourhood was spared from the extended power outages that darkened much of southern Ontario, and undoubtedly cooled off the warm Christmas spirit for many.

However, having stayed inside for far too long, and feeling the effects, I prescribed myself a dose of the icy winter weather. I pulled on my Bogs, and took a crunchy walk through the marsh at the end of our street. Slippery as it was, I had to be careful where I stepped. Beneath the layer of ice was a pool of water. As I crunched through the ice, dark puddles of muddy water emerged from beneath my boot. Dead grasses lay among the slush. Ugh.

Then, I remembered to look up.

That’s when I saw this (unfortunately my phone’s camera just couldn’t do it justice):


And this:


And this:


Do you spend too much time looking down, carefully analyzing every step you take?

I do.

Are you so afraid to take a wrong step or get a wet foot that you miss the big picture?

I am.

It’s amazing what you’ll see when you just take the time to look up. 

Happy 2014 everyone! This year, I resolve to spend more time LOOKING UP!

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9 Responses to Looking Up

  1. What beautiful photos, and I love your thoughts. It’s always good to look up and into the bigger picture….lovely post 🙂

  2. This is a great reminder to folks to make a walk in the woods not just a walk on the ground!

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  4. Lovely, Cathy. The photographs are stunning.

    We only got a little ice where we are, but it was beautiful while it lasted–and fortunately the power wasn’t out for too long!

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