My Autumn Bucket List

It’s the middle of autumn, my favourite season, and one of the best times to be living in Southern Ontario. This year the leaves have stayed on the trees longer, making for a prolonged and extremely colourful display. Fall is the best time for a lot of things. It starts with that most wonderful time of the year – back to school. The leaves start to change, shorts and tank tops make way for boots and sweaters, and the best kinds of foods are back on the menu. Throw in Oktoberfest, Halloween and Thanksgiving and you have a never-ending supply of celebrations, activities and enough calories to prepare a large bear for a long winter’s sleep.


As the season is starting to wane, I thought I had better blog about my fall bucket list before it’s too late (Perhaps it is too late. We already had snow yesterday!)

Here is my list (in no particular order):

1. Do something for Oktoberfest

Check. I live in the community with the largest Bavarian festival in North America. I love it. This is the time to pull out the Alpine hats, drink beer, and polka and chicken dance more than is really appropriate for full-grown adults. The more adventurous don their leiderhosen and dirndls (one day, I will get one).


This year, we had to satisfy ourselves with the Oktoberfest parade. Such is the life of parents with young children. We all had a great time.


2. Gorge on multiple turkey dinners

Check. Lots of nearby family means lots of turkey. And stuffing. And other kind of stuffing. And gravy. And pie. And other kind of pie. And… get the picture.

3. Find pretty leaves

Check….or incomplete. We collected some and were going to iron and preserve them, but they were forgotten for a weekend in the bottom of a stroller. I think we will have to repeat this activity before all the leaves shrivel and brown.


4. Go apple picking

Check. Blogged about this here.

5. Play in leaves

Check. Eldest was not impressed when youngest messed up his pile.


6. Run away somewhere with my husband

Check. If possible, we like to get away on our own in the fall. This year we tried Blue Mountain, and went ziplining, treetop walking and exploring caves. It was fabulous! (Might blog about it later, as it would be a great trip with slightly older kids.)

7. Hike

Check. This is, hands down, the best time of year for hiking. Not too hot, not too cold. Our national bird, the mosquito, has all but disappeared, and you can’t beat the scenery.


8. Visit a fall fair or the EX

Check. We had a fantastic time at the EX this year. It was our first time taking the little ones, and while a bit exhausting, it was a blast. Fortunately, we did not indulge in the infamous “cronut burgers” that made so many people sick (they were already shut down by the time we got there). There is so much to see that it’s a bit overwhelming, but we had a great time.

9. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Upcoming. We have some great pumpkin patches nearby. Everyone needs a picture of their small child trying to pick up a huge pumpkin. I think it’s in a parent’s handbook somewhere. This is coming in the next week.


10. Epic pumpkin carving

Upcoming. This is a logical step to follow #8. Once we found out the secret (and ease) of using patterns on pumpkins, we were rather hooked. We have had a great time with it ever since. The kids get to design their own too! 😀


What are your fall traditions? Have I missed some?

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4 Responses to My Autumn Bucket List

  1. Dad says:

    Well……I have recently discovered Sam Adams Octoberfest Seasonal Brew (U.S. only). It’s well worth the duty, the HST and the provincial liquor mark up fee at the border. Does this count?

  2. My favorites are hiking, pumpkin spice, and bonfires. Although apple and pumpkin picking are fun too 😉

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