A Boy and his Apple: A Love Story

We had planned a trip to go apple picking for a few weeks, but, when the forecast called for copious amounts of rain, we almost cancelled. (We have got to stop doing that. Perhaps I’ll just banish that little Weather Network icon from my browser’s bookmark bar. Rarely is it helpful or even correct).

But, we sucked it up, donned raincoats, packed changes of clothing for the kids, and headed off to a nearby pick-your-own apple farm. The rain had been plentiful that morning, and many fields we passed had turned to lakes, and in some places the water nearly touched the road.

Given the morning’s weather, the farm wasn’t busy.  However, it turned into a beautiful day (with a little added challenge of pulling a wagon through a muddy field). The kids absolutely loved it.


It was our little one’s first time eating an apple whole. We could not pry that thing from his sticky little fingers. Despite the number of times he accidentally dropped it, and let it roll in the mud, he was in love, and was not about to give up his sweet and juicy treat.


There is nothing quite like eating a Cortland apple straight from the tree. There’s something about the experience that changes the taste. It’s the same with tomatoes and beans from the garden. After quickly eating our way through our bushel last time, we found ourselves sorely disappointed by the wax figurines the grocery store was trying to pass off as apples.

This season led to a spectacular crop, which must have been a relief to the farmers after last year’s non-existent apple season.

Our eldest saw how apples grow, and our littlest learned the joy of sinking his teeth into a fresh, juicy apple. And the adults?  Well, we’re keeping the doctor away with an apple (or two) a day, and skipping the plastic fruit aisle for a month or two at the grocery store. Time well spent.

What will we do with our bushel this year? Not sure yet, but I doubt we’ll get around to making anything with them before they all disappear!

What do you do with your PYO apples?

Hey, look at that, one of my favourite blogs also just posted about apple picking: http://www.goexplorenature.com/2013/09/go-apple-picking.html


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3 Responses to A Boy and his Apple: A Love Story

  1. The outstanding wife says:

    I do love your posts. This one makes me want to go find my nearest orchard. 🙂

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