It Takes a Street

I was making dinner the other day, while Elmo and crew babysat for a few minutes. I will freely admit that Sesame Street is one children’s show that I can happily sit and watch with my children. It can be downright entertImageaining. However, it also comes in handy when I need to actually get something done.

I previously discussed my feelings about the ideal community that is embodied by Sesame Street in THIS POST. However, during this particular episode, my ears perked up when Sesame Street’s “Hoots the Owl” started singing a song that really resonated with me. Here’s a link to the YouTube video:

It Takes a Street: Hoots the Owl  

“Sitting on top of the world, looking down at my friends below. Watching them play. Hearing things that they say. It fills this bird with a glow. ‘Cuz there’s one thing that I know: It takes a street, it takes a street….”

I have a chair in my office where I do my writing. It sits beside a window that overlooks my street. I often look down and see people walking their dogs, chatting with neighbours, cycling, chasing toddlers and even checking the Little Free Library.

Hoots, I hear you buddy. This bird is also filled with a glow.


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One Response to It Takes a Street

  1. Rob McAllister says:

    I will argue, until my last breath, that Sesame Street was some of the best programming that television ever had to offer. My younger brother….my children…… and now my grandsons. Timeless.

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