Nature Camp

I put my son

in nature camp.

The first day was

a wee bit damp.


On a bus

they packed them all,

and drove them to

a church’s hall.


Missing all

the irony,

they sat them down

to watch T.V.


As if that

was not enough,

(I simply can’t

invent this stuff)


Would you believe,

of countless shows,

the movie “Cars”

was what they chose?

                             – Cathy McAllister


Picture is NOT from camp. Also, NOT of the movie Cars, but rather Ben Stiller wearing a cheese costume. I didn’t have a summer camp picture.




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10 Responses to Nature Camp

  1. Cheryl Russell says:

    And the “nature” part of this camp outing would be ??? Poetic verse does such a good job of sharing the profound…

  2. darwinsbulldog says:

    As Jeff Goldblum’s character Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park: “Um, you do plan on having, um, uh, nature, in your, uh, nature camp, right? Hello?”


  3. Miriam says:

    That is funny but sad 😦 One of my pet peeves is the way children aren’t encouraged to simply interact directly with nature, in a casual, everyday sort of way. I don’t think kids need to do a bumblebee craft as much as they need to be out there watching bees, you know what I mean? But so many adults seem to have lost touch with what kids really need…
    Love that you turned it into poetry!

    • Thanks Miriam! I know exactly what you mean and you’re absolutely right. I think that’s a big problem in schools. Kids know more about rainforests than they do the animals in their backyards!

  4. In my nature camp I say to the kids….”what happens if it rains???” and they look at me funny… I say, “we get wet” Kids need to get watered from time to time. 🙂

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