Peer Awards

Thank you “classicbookreader” from “100 Classics challenge” for nominating my blog for these awards. (I’m sorry I couldn’t find her real name.) I’m not entirely sure what they mean, but at least I know someone is reading!!

Check out her blog! (Especially if you like literature.) It’s fun to read, with lots of updates, and interesting tidbits along the way. If I was allowed, I would nominate her back!


For these awards, the rules are as follows:

1. As the recipient of the award you have to share 7 things about yourself with the blogosphere.

2. Link back to the post of the person who nominated you (me).

3. Copy and Paste the Award logos into your new post.

4. To pass on the award you then nominate other bloggers (This bit is sort of like knighting someone)

5. You should let all the lovely bloggers know that they have been nominated so they can claim their virtual reward.

So here we go:

7 things about myself:

  1. I studied the connections between children, nature and community, and now I’m working on improving those connections in real life.
  2. I believe in giving children freedom to explore, but fight bubble-wrapping tendencies daily.
  3. I want to be one of those irritating people who walks around pointing at and naming different species in the forest.
  4. I liked dogs until I had babies. Dogs bark. Babies wake up. I like cats.
  5. I am an aspiring children’s author. Scratch that. I AM a children’s author, but no one else knows it yet. I have a large number of books in progress, and have already sent a few to publishers. Wish me luck. I hear it’s impossible to break in.
  6. I enjoy experimenting with new recipes constantly, and have a plethora of random sauces and spices I will never use again.
  7. I love to read, but I could not, and will never again try to make it through the ridiculousness that is Ulysses.

Here are my nominated blogs: (Note, these are very diverse as I like to read on a wide variety of topics: children, art, writing, science, nature play, gardening etc…)
There’s a very good chance I have missed some of the wonderful blogs that I love reading. Please don’t take it personally.

Spy Garden

Creative World: A school inspired by children

Strolling with the bean




I’d Like a Redo


Science for Life. 365.

Early Learning Planet

Art Prescription


Ramblin’ through Dave’s Garden

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